Credit Rescue


Are you distressed due to financial problems?

Let us help you and bring you to a path of Creditworthiness.

We provide you with an advisory and management service, if you are over indebted or if you are experiencing financial problems

Our Services

Debt Management Program

Credit Rescue implements a Rigid Debt Management Program that includes:

  • The restructuring and payment of total Debt.
  • One convenient payment from Client towards total Debt amount.
  • Signed Power of Attorney.
  • Stop Order deduction direct with client.
  • Regular Debt faciliation and training by our team of Debt and Legal practitioners.

Debt Review Services

Formal process to protect your assets from creditors that have a debt claim against you. The national Credit Act prescribes how you as a consumer can seek relief in the case of over indebtedness. By utilising our services you would be accessing that particular right as a consumer in distress. It is the responsibility of all Credit Providers who adhere to Section 86 (5) (a) of the act to act in good faith in the Debt Review Process. All negotiations should be designed to result in a responsible debt re-arrangement plan for their client.

Administration Order Removals

Clients have been known to be under administration for more than 10 years. We consider this a life time debt trap and can remove it through a straight forward court process.

Garnishee Order Removals

Legal term is an Emolument attachment order. The client is being Garnished a set amount as directed by court order directly from their pay. Our research has found 99% of these are obtained by irregular means. We provide a service to remove these deductions as well as recouping monies paid.

Benefits of Debt Review

One fixed monthly payment

No more calls from Creditors

Protection of your assets

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